Machine vision control of auto component production (x44): 

The measurement system was developed in cooperation with Mateli LLC from Celje. It is designed for controlling component production in the automotive industry. The system is installed in TPV Brežice on the component production line for the new Renault Twingo.

The system is specific due to the number of sensors used on two stations. Every station has sixteen sensors, which measure the produced component's deviation from the reference. Even the smallest deviations from the reference which exceed the predefined tolerances can be detected. The system has in-built precise statistics for the production process analysis, and a user-friendly user interface, allow the operator on-the-spot manipulation of the production line. The system enables perfect production control as every component is precisely measured. All the measurements are logged in the central computer.

The equipment used in the project is: industrial analogue sensors and the PXI industrial computer produced by National Instruments. The system can run 24 hours per day which is essential in such complex production process, producing several thousand pieces per day. The system also enables value comparison with the actual 3D measurements in TPV 3D measurement room.